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Contract Terms and Conditions: 3 month minimum contract, 1 membership month notice of cancellation (which means you will be charged one more month when you cancel), cancellations only accepted in writing to, no returns for any reasons (illness, out of town, forgot, no returns for any reasons), 1 month freeze allowed per year additional time will be considered a cancellation and requires the above terms.

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5 Class Card

  • Average $17.80 per class


10 Class Card

  • Average $16.90 per class


Lucky Tourist Special

  • Includes your class, mat rental, and a Fiji water

$100 an hour

Private Yoga Sessions


$100/hr $65/half hr

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Class Descriptions

If you are new to the studio, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete your check in. Pre-registering online will help the teacher greatly! If you are a regular student, as a courtesy to the other students and the teacher, please arrive on time for classes. We will never turn you away, but it is always disruptive when students arrive late. Thank you for understanding!

Vinyasa Flow - All Levels/Beginner Friendly

This class is focused on linking the breath and the postures in an effort to reduce stress, fatigue, and create a sense of calm while giving you a good workout. You will get a sweat on. Each class is customized to the students. Modifications are offered.

All levels are welcome at this class from beginner to advanced.

For more information on a specific class, check out teacher's bio by clicking on their name in the specific class. Each teacher's class will have a slightly different feel and vibe. Students are encouraged to check out all our teachers to find the right teachers for them.

Power Vinyasa Flow - Intermediate to Advanced

This yoga playground is for students who are ready to try next level vinyasa. Arm balances, inversions, advanced standing balances. If you are ready to take it up a notch and try something new. This class is for you. Our teacher knows where each of you can open up and advance your practice. Expect this class to have something specially tailored to help you move it, move it.

Open to all levels, but geared toward someone who has been to at least 10 classes in the last 3 months or has a regular athletic practice of some kind, feel free to take breaks when you need it. Be ready to smile and not take yourself too seriously.

Bed Head Yoga - All Levels

Early morning risers! Get your asana on and start your day on the right foot. This smooth vinyasa flow class will get your body moving and ready to to take on the challenge of life. Come with your messy hair, we don't care! Open to all levels.

Restorative Yoga - All Levels/Beginner Friendly/Laid Back

Come to this class with an open mind. Leave feeling serene, balanced and with a sense of lightness. Poses are held in this class from 5-15 minutes with the assistance of props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, eye pillows & yoga straps) allowing the body to surrender rather than there be an expenditure of energy.

Restorative Yoga helps calm the nervous system taping into the calm cool energy of the mind and body. This is an excellent place to come escape from the hectic lifestyle that you live on a daily basis. It helps those who are seeking balance or letting go of tension, stress, and muscle tightness in a gentle yet effective manner. We encourage that in the cold weathered months you bring a sweatshirt, light jacket and perhaps socks. Since the body temperature tends to go down while holding these peaceful postures. No yoga experience necessary!

Advance registration is highly recommended on Saturdays as this is often our most popular class.

Light Lunch - All Levels/Beginner Friendly

Come in and get your lunchtime vinyasa on. This class is designed for everyone. We understand if you have to leave a few minutes early or show up a few minutes late because of your work schedule. Get all the awesomeness of our full class in only 45 minutes.

Vinyasa is movement through breath. We use a variety of yoga postures and change it up every class. Classes are designed for the students in the room on that day verses a set challenge level. Let the teacher know if you want to be challenged or take it chill and they'll try to accommodate everyone attending by offering multiple levels for different postures.

Yin Yoga - Easy/All Levels/Beginner Friendly

Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues: the tendons, fascia, and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures or asanas that are held for comparatively long periods of time five minutes or longer per pose. This class will help you relax, renew, and get your chill asana on. Our Yin Yoga classes are inspired by the teachings Yin Yoga founders Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley.

Vinyasa Tone and Pulse - All Levels

This class is designed to target specific muscles using multiple pulsing reps to encourage long, lean tone; you will use your own weight to improve your regular yoga practice (as opposed to free weights). We will be targeting specific zones, such as inner thighs, obliques and triceps. Muscles that are key in advancing to more challenging poses for example, wheel, crow, or hand stand. Vinyasa Pulse and Tone will also incorporate pranyama or breath awareness, a meditation to assist in clearing the mind of negative talk. Class will conclude with a relaxing savasana to rejuvenate tired muscles.
Also, please bring a pair of socks for floor slides.

Calm + Restore - All Levels/Beginner Friendly

Get the best of both worlds with Calm Flow! A moderately paced vinyasa flow will get your blood pumping and build strength in the body, followed by a restorative, soothing yoga practice to encourage deep stretching and connectivity with the breath and mind. Calm Flow is an excellent option for the beginning yogi, or for those balancing the demands of a more rigorous asana practice.

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